SouthShore Arts Council

The SouthShore Arts Council was formed to be a cultural resource for artists and the South Hillsborough County communities by offering inclusive programming in the arts and education.    

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Bend Grind and Ride: Earn a Bike

Call To Artists
The SouthShore Arts Council is seeking to commission public art for the South Hillsborough County Community.  The SAC is requesting a letter of interest and qualifications from local and regional artists who have an interest in creating art in the public realm that is interactive, collaborative, or involves community engagement.

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The SouthShore Arts Council is taking applications for the first class in a series called “Bend Grind and Ride: Earn a Bike”.  The SAC is extremely excited to add this program to our curriculum.  The class will provide kids between the ages of 12-16 in the South Hillsborough County area  with an afterschool program that allows them to experience hands-on learning aimed at custom bike building.  Selected youth get to come together as a team and classmates to create bikes unique to their identities. They will...
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Did you know that it's fairly simple to customize a bike?  These are some we like!
Our History and Vision

Did you know that the SAC was incorporated April 19, 2004?  Since then the SAC has.....
 Given it’s members 37 opportunities to exhibit work at various locations throughout the community.
 Has distributed $48,046 in Community Arts projects.
 Has distributed $36,431 in Artist Fees paid to local and visiting artists.
 Has distributed $15,452 in awards to local students and High School Art Departments.
 Sponsored the Big Draw Studio (BDS) from Nov. 2010 through April 2014, and the Big Draw Studio distributed $7490 in payment to local artists during this time.  This space was also used by FICS, Florida Institute for Community Studies, offering the Prodigy Break Dancing sessions for community youth outreach, participation and as an intervention program.  FICS paid monthly rent to BDS for this use.
SAC has also supported the Firehouse Cultural Center in the amount of $9592 in the form of donations from calendar sales & fundraising events; Sponsorship of 3 visiting Artists with Target Grant monies; and Partnership of 3 Big Draw Events, soon to be 4.  (some of this money is included in above amounts, as payments to Artists)
Overall the SAC has presented 8 Big Draw Events to the general public for free attendance, soon to be 9.
The SAC has produced 3 Community Murals, One Documentary titled “South County”   and various other community art projects based out of the Big Draw Studio.
This has all been possible with grant money from the John & Elizabeth Crawford Fund from the Community Foundation of Greater Sun City Center, now the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay; Target, Inc.;  The Renaissance Center for the Arts; The Arts Council of Hillsborough County; support from USF; Tampa Museum of Art; Very Special Arts (VSA); Kings Point Art Club and member donations.

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