SouthShore Arts Council

The SouthShore Arts Council was formed to be a cultural resource for artists and the South Hillsborough County communities by offering inclusive programming in the arts and education.    
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Call To Artists:
The SouthShore Arts Council is seeking to commission public art for the South Hillsborough County Community.  The SAC is requesting a letter of interest and qualifications from local and regional artists who have an interest in creating work in the public realm that is interactive, collaborative, or involves community engagement.  There are no set guidelines to the nature of the work or end result.  The SAC would prefer to allow the artist or artists to respond to the community or site in their concept development.

VISION FOR PUBLIC ART In South Hillsborough County
The South Shore Arts Council seeks artists or artist teams to engage Community Members in South Hillsborough to: 
identify a common voice among the various communities which comprise SouthShore.  This includes, Apollo Beach, Balm, Gibsonton, Ruskin, Riverview, SunCity Center, and Wimauma.  Presently, these geographically close but disparate communities, struggle to find common threads among their differences.  This project can help to reconnect these communities culturally. 
respect and celebrate the different characteristics of the communities of South Hillsborough with public art appropriately tailored to the character of each neighborhood, reflecting community image, culture, identity and natural environment.
showcase how high quality, publicly accessible works of art can contribute not only to the urban landscape,  but also the suburban, rural and natural landscape to create a sense of place.

SouthShore Community Arts
The SouthShore Community Arts is a project of the SouthShore Arts Council,Sponsored by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, The South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation. In the recent past this program has produced three successful mural projects ("Head Heart and Hands", "Seed to Bloom", and "Best Little Town") and a nationally recognized community based documentary film ("South County") completed, we would like to build on the foundation of these projects, and implement an ongoing program. The program will allow experienced artists to connect to the South Hillsborough County region and work with community members through the process of public art.

Scope of Work
The SouthShore Arts Council will commission an artist or artist team to engage Community Members through the creation of original public artwork and assist with fabrication oversight and installation of original artwork.
The SAC will oversee and advise on stages of the process such as:
-Site selection
-How to address a community need
-Target participants
-Educate in the process of creating community responsive art projects
-Artists’ plan (community engagement strategy through execution)
-Helping to find the best way to engage and draw ideas from targeted community members.
-Navigation of logistics such as permits, and advisement of site preparations.

Eligibility Requirements
Open to professional artists living within a 50-mile radius of Apollo Beach, FL with some prior experience or interest in working with community members to develop, fabricate and install public art. The selected artist must agree to sign a contract with the South Shore Arts Council, meet all contractual obligations, including passing any background checks required, participate in meetings with the Council, community stakeholders and/or students, and adhere to a timeline in order to complete the project.
The SouthShore Arts Council will evaluate all Letters of Interest based on:

    1    Professional qualifications
    2    Proven artistic merit of prior relevant work
    3    Some experience fabricating and installing permanent artwork suitable for the outdoor environment
    4    An interest in taking your art making process to the public art realm
    5    An Interest in working with local agencies and community members.

Letter of interest briefly describing your vision, interest and qualifications for this project. Brief description of how your process will involve community interaction or participation, and how it will contribute to the design and implementation of the project.  Please include name, address, email, phone and website (if applicable) on this document. Include a brief statement on your concept for the artwork, including any particular theme or themes that it might include. Additionally, include which mediums you feel most comfortable using in the artwork and a description if warranted. 
Preliminary budget for design development, fabrication and installation of original art work. Budget should include cost of time and materials. (your budget can be speculative at this stage) 
Current resume outlining your qualifications and experience as an artist that highlights work that includes any public or community projects. 
Relevant images of previous work and corresponding descriptions.  Limit ten images. JPEG and PDF are preferred.  Please include web addresses or any other material that is relevant to your experience for the scope of this project.

The SouthShore Arts Council’s Selection Committee will review all letters of interest and corresponding material. The SAC is comprised of local and regional arts professionals and supporters. The Council will select qualified and engaging artists to meet with, and refine proposals to determine feasibility. 
Preference will be given to the following but is not required.*
Vision for the project in terms of conceptual content, creativity, context, visual impact, and appropriateness of the concept to the South Hillsborough Community. 
Aesthetic merit of past projects; appropriateness of artwork medium and artistic concepts for all audiences. 
Experience and success in creating public artworks in collaboration with community members and/or students. 
*Note: The Council values and nurtures the desire to incorporate artistic process within a community or collaborative setting. If an artist has minimal experience with this, the SAC may be able to help make it more accessible.

Submit Materials and inquiries to:

The Arts Council will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Please
submit your response as soon as possible to be included in the next round
of proposals.