SouthShore Arts Council

The SouthShore Arts Council was formed to be a cultural resource for artists and the South Hillsborough County communities by offering inclusive programming in the arts and education.    
"South County"
Directed by Shawn Cheatham
    This unique film is an experimental video documentary that endeavors to capture the essence of the Ruskin South Shore community by investigating the lives of its diverse and eclectic inhabitants. The end result is  a constellation of individual stories and histories of the people who define the city, intertwined with poetic images of the unique and beautiful landscape. The production involved community members working with artists and USF School of Art and Art History students to create a kind of visual fabric that provides viewers with an insight into the dynamic and complex atmosphere of the community. Not only will those unfamiliar with the area be able to gain a unique perspective from this project, but it will also offer residents and inhabitants the opportunity to re-examine, critique and celebrate their community in a poetic and sophisticated way.   Enjoy! 

To watch the Documentary, click the play button above and then click on "Watch on Vimeo".